A Standing Love

To ‘love where one stands’ or love/show affection to another wholly without regard to timing or circumstance, is probably the most selfless act that one human can bestow upon another. It is higher than the art of self-sacrifice and rivals even the all-benevolent nature of empathy. Its origin undetectable and evolution a mystery; this ‘standing love’ adapts easily to its surroundings and gains strength in the most adverse of times. It exists without question or hesitation and can be generated infinitely or as long as existence allows. Once experienced, all other forms of love will fall short of this peculiar incident. This is not a slight to the former but simply a deserved homage to the latter. Therefore, I do not wish you ‘love’ alone, but ‘love where you stand’. No matter your past or present condition(s), I wish you someone waiting in your corner to embrace you fully, and I hope that you will strive to be that someone for another in return. You’re worth it, and so are they. 

 – Dorhora


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