The Magic of Joy

Regarding his job, a friend recently expressed to me that “It’s not work really work if you’re having fun…” Hearing this expression before, I never truly believed in its magic until I saw the joy on my friend’s face as he described his twelve-hour days with the same pleasure that a child recounts awaking on Christmas morning. In that same moment, I was truly happy for him and would honestly wish him nothing else than more work hours in his Christmas stocking. This being said, I now know exactly what I want for Christmas and every single day of the New Year: pure JOY from the everyday. And it doesn’t need to be boxed, wrapped or tied with a bow. I want this present delivered with the early morning sunrise and find me thankful still and ready to give more even after the most trying of days. And as I sleep, I wish to know its warm embrace, satisfying me like the greatest of lovers. Jobs, friends, and love can be but a moment, but joy is forever. I do not know in what form this joy will arrive or when, but it will surely come; and I lift my heart in every direction in wait for the gift that keeps on giving.


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