Broken Pieces Collected



Last night

I slipped through my ghost

and my broken song echoed

from the other side

©Dorhora. 6-8-13. All rights reserved. 


The (smallest) pieces of a heart

If this was written for you

you must catch the tiny pauses

and never mind the slow breaks


It is nothing and everything

when you rub your little finger

back and forth across my callus

like ritual


I marvel at this

and the broken song

you whispered in your sleep

 ©Dorhora. 6-8-13. All rights reserved. 





2 comments on “Broken Pieces Collected

  1. LC says:

    I admire and respect your honesty! There are many persons living/surviving with mental health issues. Many persons filled with shame, afraid to seek the needed help. Everyone deserves to live healthy and wholistically. Prayerfully your words will continue to act as a catalyst for positive change.

  2. Dorhora says:

    Thank you, Sister friend; I cannot imagine this world without my voice and the ability God gave me to pen even the worst of my days. I literally broke on Friday night, and He was there as always working overtime through some of my dearest to help piece me back together again. I will begin talk therapy within the next few weeks…we’ll see where it takes me, but I will never lay down this pen…never. Here’s to blue skies…

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