Snap. The infinite power we have over ourselves is often overlooked in the quest to control and change other people and situations. Snap. There is nothing more difficult in this world than placing mind over matter. Snap. Last night, I woke up for the first time. Today, I am shrugging off the harnesses and breaking protocol with the status quo. Snap. Just as I eat, drink and take shelter, I will write. A desire that must be satisfied with every waking moment is a need. Snap. So fulfill it, I will. And in doing so, I will reclaim the power to make decisions that benefit my welfare and artistry. I will not feel guilty for placing self above others. I will not apologize for attitudes, thoughts and behavior that may clash with the road most taken. I will understand my dominion over things that matter little and those that matter most. I will know that it is okay to walk away from my commitments, job, and relationships if they become barriers to my happiness and well-being. It is not just enough to live anymore, but it is everything to live as fully well and satisfied as possible. Snap. And there is nothing wrong, but everything right, in this. Snap. This is not to say that every action will or should be excused in terms of gratifying the self. There is a level of selfishness that will surface, and there will be casualties. Accusations will be thrown, and eyebrows will raise. But there is no getting around such socially engineered reactions, so why bother curbing wellness to avoid them. Snap. I have to remember that I am central here, not special, just the author of the rest of my life. It can be an unspectacular and ordinary role but a most important one. I will not take it lightly. And I will not allow anyone else to control the reigns. What I make of my life will be my glory to savor or my fault to digest. Snap. But I will pen each moment as best I know how. I will be both the poet quiet and unknown and the one unrestrained in living color. The voice unafraid of social constructs and dissension; I will acknowledge and respect both the anarchist and pacifist for both run rampant through my veins. I will be strong yet undefinable. There is too much responsibility and pressure in definition and frameworks. The latter two need a certain mold that I have never fit. I enjoy freedom too much and the power to decide my status from moment to moment. Snap. My future is ready and waiting for me as I write this piece. I do not know if I will return to this space again. But if I do, it will be with a different voice, ever-changing. Snap. A new purpose. Snap. New words overwriting past lives with power, pain and glory in every stroke of the pen. So, here I am. Snap.


2 comments on “Snap.

  1. Your writings never fail to elicit a number of emotions…

    I am nominating you for the WordPress Family Award created by Shaun Gibson.
    Kindly link back to me as the one who nominated you. (
    ~Display the award logo in your blog.
    ~Nominate 10 other bloggers that has impacted your WordPress experience.
    ~Lastly, please notify that you had awarded them.

  2. Dorhora says:

    Thank you for the nomination and visiting my blog…that I have reached someone means more than words can say. I wish you well and blue skies…

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