Rollercoaster Girl

Look! See the human rollercoaster flying by. Some say PRAY, meditate, eat right, exercise, surround yourself with positive people, pick a hobby, WORK, take a lover, get more sleep, visit a spa, DRINK, curse, scream, rant, RAGE, etc. etc. etc. I am definitely not the bubbly in anyone’s glass slipper. I am more like the uneasy conscious bordering on truth and the unspeakable. Real support is solid walls, a roof and a warm meal, not empty words and phrases, promises unmet, or actions undone. Three things I desire: space; time at a standstill and me behind a locked door. I could then fit together all of the pieces without interruption and break the cycle once and for all. (Knock before you enter, I’d say.) Without these things, I don’t think there is a real escape for me while I still draw breath. It’s PUSH or be pushed. Don’t be alarmed. Today, the edge is only fiction. Tomorrow, who knows? So, watch me closely. See me die, and then, begin to live again. Look at the rollercoaster twist and turn! See me PUSH. Yell. See me write. Record my secrets (and yours). See me wallow in the truth. Lay down the rage by picking up the pen. And start all over again. Carefully. Each morning. Everyday. All night. Come in. 


2 comments on “Rollercoaster Girl

  1. The good news is depression can be treated successfully. There are tools available for coping and management.
    It is important to discuss it and to have forums such as Tamingtheid for sharing and connecting.

    The truth is depression affects everyone. Everyone experiences a sadness. Red flags go up when depression results in the inability to function. For example, to fulfill our daily functions and responsibilities).

  2. Dorhora says:

    Truth…I have discovered healing within written therapy, but this isn’t for everyone. There are many roads to coping and managing depression at all levels, and we must continue to encourage sufferers to seek assistance and give them a voice. I continue to encourage others to find their place in the sun and to rid themselves of the negative stigma associated with this illness. We are more powerful than we realize, and every storm we weather only strengthens both are hearts and minds. For further information and resources, please visit:

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