In Answer

I think differently

About words. Spitting recklessly –

Why look both ways 

If the poet is intangible.

This fire – not to be confused

With hell’s fury or candlelight –

Quenches my thirst

For knowledge and sanity.

I have no use for distortion

Or pencil drawings –

Some lives can be erased.

But these words are symbolic patterns 

Of the poet’s existence

In and out of the shadows

Lost somewhere

Between Heaven and Hell

Your prayers for me

Are meager and without conviction.

Lend me a poet’s heart

For all eternity – 

And I will live to write another day.




2 comments on “In Answer

  1. As a mental health professional (clinician) I find Tamingtheid informative, interesting insightful and a valuable resource. Thank you, for sharing your journey.

  2. Dorhora says:

    Thank you, Lorraine, and for sharing my blog on your site to spread awareness. Much love and appreciation for all that you are and do for the community. xoxo

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