The Task

The Task


"Layers of Survival" Copyright IFD, 2012.

By Ivy Ford DeShield


I thought myself glorious

powerful and past wonder

until a bird fell from the sky

from flying too near the sun


I proclaimed madness beyond my reach

until an innocent was murdered

for walking beyond a man’s comfort zone


Pray for me

as I struggle to still my hand

and keep my soul

from slipping into hellfire


What of this strange, barren earth

where we raise animals

and slaughter children –

A life taken cannot be returned.


Take my hand

and shelter your crown from all evil

Knowledge tolerance and love

wait patiently to be born again


Our children, our dreams

shall not suffer for man’s sin

The battle is not theirs alone


They are guiltless and trusting

that we will break their fall

disrupt the blind patterns

and stop the bullets


We must understand that the fight

is only as strong as the fighter

of purest mind, heart and vigor


As they did before

the fires will roar

when we sound our freedom cries

– not for the lost –

but for the ones we have yet to save


Only then –

when we can call each child by name

and they are able to answer in return

unharmed and soaring high above us

shall we truly be




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