Let me sound my trumpet

Let me sound my trumpet/in this blue mood/not heavy with blue/just a blue humor/a kind of effortless blue/Like Miles/riffing on a whim/Skimming the surface/with those righteous bluesy soulful notes/In and Out/Out and In/In Miles’ blue/there is sunshine/as well as rain/Dreams are never deferred/they come alive/when the horn opens its nose/and blows across the studio floor/Langston would have loved this/like any artist/to chill his demons/on ice/and bask/in heaven on earth/That is what Miles is/after all/Blue so blue/it’s black/Black so black/it’s magic/dark/intangible/sound/Take a moment/to swing with me/Hold my hand/Feel my pulse/rhythms/How would the poet interject here/Ahhh/Langston/again/We don’t need measured rhyme/not here/not now/just rebellious notes/his music/like phoenix rising/Get back to Miles/Yes/Miles/and miles/and miles/and miles/and miles/of pure/sweet Jazz/Some feeling/Some life/Some world/Like yours/and mine/Some/Kind of blue.


Flickr image remixed – source and license.


4 comments on “Let me sound my trumpet

  1. veronica says:

    such a great blog , so artistic and wonderful ! love it !

    send you hugs!

  2. This is so beautifully lyrical.

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