Since I’m fairly direct in my speech and the written word, I suppose I haven’t quite grasped the power of the all-popular “sub”, as in “sub”tweeting. A subtweet or the shortened form of “subliminal tweet” is a very obvious way of referring to someone without using their name or making a direct reference in a tweet. Yet, it’s a counteraction since nothing is flying below the radar in these situations. You know who you’re referring to; other users know who you’re referring to; the target of the subtweet knows that you’re referring to them; and I’m pretty sure that all remote satellites have detected your conspicuous feed as well.

It’s interesting to note that what was once so easily said must be hidden between the lines today or cited as inexplicit remarks, subtle hints or quiet innuendos. Are we really so afraid of retaliation or is it simply the convenience of technology that has stilled our tongues, yet heightened the slyness or derisiveness in our nature. In other words, I never realized that people could be so mean to each other. I know about bullies and bigots, but this is something new altogether. First, it seems to be an acceptable practice by all, and if not, then opposition must be scarce. Second, I’m not sure what it accomplishes except to create drama, promote miscommunication and feed gossip heads. And finally, what happened to plain old face to face conversation or confrontation, if necessary?

Please understand that these are simply my own personal musings and hang-up about this new-age style of communication; I’m not a fan of the Nook either…go figure! I suppose I will always relish the feel of old, tattered paperbacks and sturdy hardbacks against my palms, as well as the almost extinct heart to hearts between friends. Now, we simply download our millionth e-book and subtweet “I love you’s” and “I can’t stand you’s” to someone and everyone at once.

Is that it then? The intended target of the almighty “sub” is everyone and anyone. Maybe the subtweet is a tell-all to the world; what was once sacred between two is now open to the scrutiny of hundreds, thousands, and more. I’ve got something to say, and everyone is going to hear it. I want the world to know I’m angry, in love, embarrassed, spiteful, ignorant, smart, silly, stupid, intelligent, jealous, and insecure. I want you to know exactly how I feel about this other person. I want you to take my words and dissect them, twist them, believe them, chat about them, comment on them, re-tweet them, quote them, and steal them. I need you to understand that the ever-mighty “sub” has complete control over me, and there is no coming back. Ever…

…at least not for #oomf.

Note: You may comment to @dorhora if you like – subtweets will be acceptable as well (for this one time only). Every one likes to take a little walk on the wild side every now and then. 😉


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