A thing at rest….

A thing at rest is said to be inanimate. Sans movement or progression. But for me, slowing the pace or taking a moment to stop and smell the roses has given me cause to actively reflect. This restful state is reawakening my senses, forcing me to wait patiently on the sidelines until my number is called – instead of running aimlessly around the field, trying to tackle any and every purpose, whether it is a part of the original play or not. This is not a staid process though. It takes active focus and patience (and some humility) to know when to get in the game and when to delegate tasks for the sake of the team and the self.

I’m a fairly active person when my stressors aren’t working me overtime. As a matter of fact, Im usually told that I’m doing too much or taking on far too many responsibilities. Well, yes, I agree, but...and there’s always a but…at least there was yesterday. But tonight, I’m at rest in Miami…headed to Kingston, Jamaica. This is a much needed vacation for me, even though I tried to initially resist this moment at every turn. I complained of work, lack of preparation, etc. Anxiety almost got the best of me,…almost.

For me, this period of relaxation is progress, actively working to allow myself breathing space – clearing the stale, cluttered air. I like this place more than I thought I would. The mind should not have to slave endlessly in a dim room only to keep from noticing the absence of light. It should have the presence to stop and open a window at some point. Let in the light, the air… Yes, we all have a purpose, responsibilities, etc., but there is a time and a place for all things under God’s sun.

A time for work and a time for rest…a time to contemplate the big picture and a time to nevermind the little things or the big ones…a time to press onward full steam ahead and a time to set the brakes, to come to a complete stop and learn how to breathe all over again. In. Out. Miami to Kingston. Amidst the chaotic dim, for once, I am actively at rest. I am unlocking doors and opening windows. Cheering the team from the bench. And it’s okay. I’ll save my purpose for another day. Here is progress. Here is evolution. This is…pure light.


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