I am a machine.

I am a machine. An automaton. Words, words and more words. How fast can you type? 75 wpm,….95, 125?  Funny, my emotions spin much more quickly than I can type. I can feel the weight as my finger tips fly across the keyboard. In an out. In and out. I have no wish to do anything else except write. Breathing can be difficult when the air is stale. But with words, I can challenge my fears, demons and mindless rages to try to catch me if they can…my words have been known to uncover truths and find the lie in the most innocent of all. Eyes that have no reason to beguile and words that hold no falsehoods scare even sadists into repentance at times.

Alone like this, I have no fear. Except that one day, you’ll find me. Catch me if you can. Watch my fingers fly. I am in a race. For my life.



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