Beat the beast!

Beat the beast! I am fighting everyday to beat the beast of depression, but the beast takes many forms as it moves from person to person. Your beast may be depression as well, but it could also be cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, sickle-cell anemia, autism, phobias, etc. Whatever your beast or serious illness may be, there are many approaches, medical and non-medical, towards recovery. But one of the most natural and over-looked approaches, I believe, is positive-thinking. Attitude plays a crucial role in our everyday lives; it shapes how we approach the world and our overall outlook. As my friend, LaWanda, stated in a recent CBS edition of Sunday Morning, “It’s almost better medicine, because if you have a good outlook, your energy is better; you feel like doing things”. LaWanda is a strong-willed survivor of the beast of breast cancer and probably one of the most positive people I know. And no, positive thinking was not the sole reason for her recovery, but it did not hurt the recovery process. She believed in the power of positivity, so it worked for her. And it may work for you as well!

Understand that positive thinking is not a remedy or a cure, but it is a strong support on the road to recovery; I have experienced this as well. I’m not always the most positive person, but the steps I have taken recently to voice and write about my experiences as a person living with depression is a positive approach. I know that I cannot write my way to healing or think myself out of depression altogether, but I can use my words and positive thoughts to reflect on past episodes and possibly lessen the onset of future episodes.

This is not a condemnation of those who do not want to use this particular approach; mood or attitude cannot be forced on anyone; positive thinking is yours for the denial or the taking. But why tear down an approach that may work for some. I believe that if it works for at least one person – if one person can help overcome their beast using the power of positivity – it cannot be dismissed. Not for a second.

I believe that what we put into the universe, we get back tenfold. And as hard as it is to think positively as I live with the beast of depression, I will make every effort to continue on this path. I am ready to put away depression as a way of life and embrace this thing call positivity. It is not an all-powerful healer, but it is the sister of will and the brother of fortitude. The struggle and effort to think positive is positive!

We cannot truly appreciate the true beauty of a clear day without having had endured the tumultuous rains. But my storm has lasted far too long, and I am ready for blue skies.


To learn more about the power of “positive thinking” and what others, including experts, have to say, please click on the CBS news video link below:

Is Positive Thinking the Key to Recovery?


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