Words have staying power.

Words have staying power. They can be uplifting, encouraging and healing. Words explain or help us make sense of the world around us. Words are knowledge; they introduce new ideas that we are able to share with each other. Words inform; they relate current events and our history from one generation to the next in the hope that we do not repeat past errors. Words justify by validating our personal and human rights, upholding truths and pardoning the innocent. Words also condemn. They are telling, giving us warning or cause to pause. Words entertain, making us laugh until we cry. Words are painful, causing us shame and embarrassment. Words hurt. Words redeem. Words reform. Words rebuke. Words save. Words speak. Words silence. If you’re not careful, they can explode. Words define –  us. Words change our world – for better or for worse.

Use them wisely.

Words explode, dissolve, form, reform, emerge, merge... 26 Exchanges, London Design Festival 2009

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2 comments on “Words have staying power.

  1. Yeah … Im on your wavelength with this one. When you look at all the different forms of communicating with others (and yourself!) – Words are the be all and end all in my opinion. Whenever I hear someone using the phrase “Its only words …” or ” I didnt mean to say that” I pretty much always call them out on that.

    • dorhora says:

      I was prompted to write this entry by a recent comment from my husband regarding my blog. He told me that I need to read and reread my own words consistently. I must ask myself, what am I really saying in each of these posts; what am I communicating to others and revealing about myself? My goal is self-exploration and healing; therefore, my words are key. They carry the weight of both confusion and understanding. And most importantly, the written word will remain long after we are gone. Like you reiterated, “words” do count! Thx for reading!

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