Give thanks.

Give thanks. Earlier this week, I posted on facebook that I was tired of playing the bad guy role or the anti-thesis to another person’s glory. I allowed another to overshadow my own personal glory. At times, we all have a tendency to forget about the bountiful gifts that God has bestowed on us, and some may have never tapped into these blessings at all. But they still exist whether we recognize and use them or not. Every now and then, He gives us the opportunity to let our personal glory or splendor shine. We may only be granted an audience of one or absolutely no one, but shine we must!

Give thanks. You are truly magnificent in His eyes. Despite your troubles, i.e. illness, debts, broken dreams, wayward relationships, etc., God has identified you as worthy of glory or honor, as He is most worthy of your praise.

Give thanks. Do not let someone’s opinion of you define you. Do not let harmful remarks or mental/physical attacks lead you along a path of destructive action or silence your voice. Speak to ugliness and cruelty with a calm voice and sound mind so that the devil’s power shrivels like a dream deferred.

Give thanks. Find another who needs your help or a kind word. Do not wallow in pity or despair; lift your head. Wear your glory upon your shoulders, and let your heart and soul rest atop your head like a crown.

Give thanks. The grass is not greener on the other side; we all have weeds in our growth occasionally, but we must persevere and find blooms among the sore or weak spots. In other words, bloom where you are planted!

Give thanks. Do not let the hand you have been dealt govern your life; remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Give thanks. Love everyone, but do not lose sleep if this love is not returned. Do not be gullible though; open your heart wisely and with great care. A knock at the door should not mean automatic entry.

Give thanks. Understand that failure is inevitable, but glory will come in the morning.

Give thanks. You are here.

Give thanks, because God loves you.


Blue skies, Dorhora

Broken Dreams

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