Breaking the rules now.

Breaking the rules now. I’m hesitant to do this, but I have no choice. I’m going to speak about the shhhh! white elephant in this space. Let me describe it for you. Nothing ghastly about its appearance, nor does it have a rank smell. But it raises an indescribably uncomfortable pimple on the unblemished. It possesses both light and dark and lurks in the deepest of recesses where embarrassment, shame and pity go unnamed. Its purpose is not to seek to harm, but to heal. The beauty of this entity is that it recognizes pain in another, no matter the size or disguise. And it refuses to be deterred by the mockers. Wide, sardonic smiles. The mockers daringly taunt the white elephant in the day and find their own dark corners to languish in on moonless nights. Stop hiding from them; stop hiding from yourself. Come out, come out, wherever you are; engage the alabaster mammal. It won’t bite. But it has been known to walk through fire on sleepless nights. It will not rest, even when you do, for there is always another soul to save. Always a voice to rise, a wound to heal or a soul to mend. So the lonely creature sits in its corner welcoming it all, even the scorn. Its weapon of choice…love.


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