This morning, I’m reaching.

This morning, I’m reaching.  At present, nothing is weighing on me.  I wonder at this; one minute, I’m consumed with overwhelming thoughts that carry the strength of 100 men, and the next, I’m struck with a sense of peace that’s practically lethargic in feeling.  I find myself working from within this latter numbed state throughout the day, until a comment or action from another pushes a button that either excites or angers me. Is it this way with everyone? At 35 years, I am no longer a novice in masking mood swings and slow mornings; it’s ritual for me. And yes, I take the advice like daily vitamins. Prayer, meditation, healthy living, exercise, etc. Even talk therapy when I was younger. It annoyed me that I had to analyze my life with another during regular sessions as I was living it…. Yet, is this blog so different? I am hoping that it will prove to be more empowering than all that has come before. I choose the questions and/or topics. I set the pace. I close the sessions or leave them open-ended, while the answers lurk somewhere within. And why not? Open sesame….


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