I do not claim innocence, light or omniscience.

I do not claim innocence, light or omniscience. I bear the burden of Eve who sits and waits for me under shady trees, carrying the fruit of her loins as a peace-offering – to me – a perfect stranger.


I feel rather funny introducing myself, since the thoughts I wish to share will be a continuation on my journey of catharsis, and not a beginning. And to cite a beginning implies that there will be an end. I don’t know what the future has in store for me, so I won’t pen any musings with a desired conclusion in mind – I will write for the moment and in the moment, day by day, minute by minute. For some, this blog may be the prescription they were seeking to find the power to understand and embrace the “unsaid”, and for others, a personal diary of one suffering from and working to survive depression. Like I wrote, I do not claim innocence, light or omniscience. I just want to know myself wholly and learn to navigate steadily through my ups and downs without falling prey to despair. I want HOPE to be more than just an idea or theme; it needs to be an experience. Maybe you will join me on this journey or maybe you won’t. It won’t be an easy one, but I’m ready to press on. Hopefully, strangers will begin to feel like old friends and darkness will soon have its place in the sun.


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